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A range of low pressure manifold assemblies has been produced for the diver requiring the additional back up of a bail-out system. Whether it be a simple belt manifold or an integrated valve manifold, Airdive can supply something which will provide years of service.

Product Number
The Airdive valved belt manifold features and on/off control from the bail-out system, a safety inlet check valve from the surface supply and male and female Tema® couplings. A safety relief is built in to the manifold in case a high pressure leak should develop in the bailout regulator first stage which will prevent airline failure if using an upstream demand valve. The unit is sold complete with safety orange webbing and stainless steel buckle. Features 9/16 bailout inlet, Tema® nipple surface supply inlet and Tema® body outlet to demand valve.
This heavy duty manifold assembly has four 1/4 BSPT female ports and two 3/8 UNF female ports, and can be belt mounted via the backing plate and dome headed stainless steel screws supplied with the block. The manifold enables a variety of configurations and the 3/8 ports allow use of a buoyancy compensator if required. Additional mounting holes have been provided in the block which enables mounting to a back pack or back plate. The block is hard chrome plated.
Just manufactured to compliment our range of low pressure products is this economical low pressure manifold. Designed to mount to 50mm webbing the manifold is available in 1/4 BSPT female to 1/4 BSPT female or 1/4 BSPT female to 3/8 UNF female threads. Manufactured from high strength brass which is then nickle and chrome plated these assemblies will enable a variety of hose attachment combinations.Type your paragraph here.


Airdive can supply a number of different compressor block types to suit your application.  All blocks feature cast aluminium bodies and aluminium valve plates with stainless steel valves

Product Number
Compressor block, 2 stage. 175 PSI maximum working pressure. Interstage cooler and aftercooler. Aluminium body with stainless steel valves in head. 1450 RPM maximum, 370 mm diameter cooling fan.
12.8 CFM free air delivery,(8.4CFM true output), aluminium bodied compressor block. Twin cast iron cylinder sleeves, aluminium valve plate and stainless steel valves. 280 mm fan wheel, 1420 RPM maximum. Maximum pressure 145 PSI.
Two cylinder compressor with aluminium block and cast iron cylinder sleeves. 19.4 CFM free air delivery (13.5 CFM true output). Stainless steel valves. 370 mm fan wheel, 1450 maximum RPM. Maximum pressure 145 PSI.
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