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Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

Breathing Air Fills

Airdive also undertakes hydrostatic testing of diving and surface supply breathing apparatus cylinders including eddy current inspections of pre - 1990 -91 aluminium cylinders made from 6351 aluminum alloy which is susceptible to sustained load cracking (generally in the neck region of the cylinder). Airdive is one of the longest established hydrostatic test stations in Australia (SAA 28) operating since December 1968 on a continuous basis, and has been involved with manufacture, training and advice from the early days of hydrostatic testing in Australia.

Air fills to 330 Bar can be carried out for both diving and breathing apparatus cylinders. Note that in accordance with Australian Standards, cylinders must be in current hydrostatic test as evidenced by a current Australian approved test station stamp. Cylinders imported into Australia which do not carry an Australian approved test station mark will not be filled.

Cylinders imported into Australia must be designed approved as evidenced by an Australian Workcover Authority design approval number and carry an Australian approved test station mark.

Regulator Servicing

If you require an Airdive regulator to be serviced and you don't have (or know of) a local service agent, Airdive can direct you to your local service agent or carry out servicing of both SCUBA and hookah regulator assemblies if no service agent exists in your area. So feel free to contact us for further details regarding servicing of your Airdive regulator system.

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