Reusable Hose Ends

These two and three piece fittings are manufactured for strength and attach directly to Barfell™ diving hose. The outer sheath screws counter -clockwise onto the hose. The inner fitting, with the aid of silicone grease, screws clockwise into the outer sheath and the inner core of the diving hose.


Airdive has suppled Barfell Diving Hose to industry for over 25 years. Quality stands the test of time.

Barfell diving hose is manufactured to AS2299 and AS1716 and is the hose of choice for most professional divers. Available in 8MM and 10 MM internal bore Airdive can supply in standard lengths of 50, 100 and 300 metres, with 50 and 100 metres stocked continuously. When available short lengths of hose are stocked as well.

Fittings including Airdive's reusable hose ends, Tema and CEJN couplings, chrome plated brass 'T' fittings, 'Y' fittings and a variety of other adaptors (in stainless steel and chrome plated brass) can be suppled and fitted if required.

Special length hoses can be assembled subject to availability.

Barfell is a trademark of Barfell Industries


High pressure gas fittings are available in stainless steel and high strength brass for a variety of applications. Airdive manufactures a range of adaptor fittings for special applications as well as supplying fittings from a variety of high quality H.P. gas fitting manufacturers.

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