High Pressure Airlines - Swagelok

Airdive can supply a variety of high pressure airlines for compressor of filling panel use. These fill hoses, rated at 400 Bar working pressure, are of high durability construction yet are flexible hence make them ideal for both fill station or portable compressor use.

Available in a wide range of fittings and fitting combinations, Airdive high pressure fill airlines can be suppled for most applications.

The standard stock length supplied is 1.2 metres, however, longer airlines are available on special order. Special lengths can be supplied generally within a few days of order.

Please note that these airlines are not for use with Oxygen.

Hose Combinations

Note 7/16 JIC ends are also available on special order.


  • 1/4 19 BSPP F designates British Standard Pipe Parallel female nut end (55 degree thread form).

  • 1/4 19 BSPT M designates British Standard Pipe Taper male threaded end (55 degree thread form).

  • 16 MM X 1.5 P designates 16 MM thread, 1.5 MM pitch with female nut (60 degree thread form).

  • 1/4 18 NPT designates 1/4 National Pipe Taper male thread (60 degree thread form).

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